Grammar of Lintwese


Block is a characteristic linguistic structure of Lintwese. Block starts at a starting word, ends at a different ending word.

Below is a list of the blocks often used.

Starting Ending Source english (yellow box) Meaning
つた ぶぱ info ~ /info Information block
んね question ~ /question Question block
たじ be ~ /be Be block
あだ do ~ /do Do block
not ~ /not “Not” block
じわ てお want ~ /want Want block
はば びぱ shall ~ /shall Shall block
じな きはげ ul-li ~ /li-/ul List block
つべな きくご set-li ~ /li-/set Set block

Information Block

“Informations for you, ... that's all.”

info i like fruit-s /info.
“I like fruits.”

info he shy very /info.
“He/She is very shy.”

Question Block

Interrogative sentence. “I have questions ... May I ask you?”

question you do-alw play じそめ /do /question.
“Do you play Ĵosso:mel?”

Word Meaning
じそめ Ĵosso:mel; a board game

Attention Block

“(Be careful!)/(Wait!) ... (end of attention)”

でざら attention we do-now-must wait turn we /do /attention!
Denza:ran, we must wait our turn!”

Word Meaning
... exclamation sentence
でざら Denza:ran; a Lintwian name

Be Block

Be block starts at (be) and ends at たじ(/be).

Custom Be Block


X Source Meaning
はれ be-alw A is/are always B
はで be-now A is/are B now
はせ be-pst A was/were B
ははら be-ftr A will be B
はぼわ be-can A can be B
はよど be-must A must be B
はきぢ be-exp A has/have been B (experience)
はけず be-fns A has/have been B (finishing)

Do Block

Do block starts at (do) and ends at あだ(/do).

Custom Do Block


X Source Meaning
みれ do-alw A always does/do B
みで do-now A does/do B now
みせ do-pst A did B
みはら do-ftr A will do B
みぼわ do-can A can do B
みよど do-must A must do B
みきぢ do-exp A has/have done B (experience)
みけず do-fns A has/have done B (finishing)

“Not” Block

“Not ... (end of not)”

info i not be-pst hungry /be /not /info.
“I wasn't hungry.”

info he not do-alw drink なばば /do /not /info.
“He/She doesn't drink na:balbal.”

Word Meaning
なばば na:balbal; a drink like coffee

Want Block

Coming soon...

Shall Block

“Shall I/we ... ?”

shall i do-now help you /do /shall.
“Shall I help you?”

List Block

Coming soon...

Set Block

info set-li てえみ /li-li きべぱ /li-li めばざた /li-/set be-alw せどぱつと /be /info!
“Tenelmieŵ and Ki:belpan and Melbalza:ta: are great friend!”

Word Meaning
Lintwian names
せどぱつと great friend